About Me

Hi. My name is Belinda and featuring heavily on this site is my current Dal “Stoick”.  I’ve spent the best part of my life with Dalmatians around me. Never a breeder. Simply an adoring fan who has a fascination with their astonishing coat pattern. Cruella De’ville also had a similar fascination with spotty coats – however my fascination is far less sinister!

Many years ago (late 90’s perhaps) I established a website on the old “Geocities” called The Spottydogs Page. You can still find archived copies of it if you go digging around the internet. It was dedicated to my then current Dals, as well as some Dalmatian Guinea Pigs my husband and I were playing around with. (yes there is such a thing as Dalmatian guinea pigs – or cavies to those in the know)

In early 2019, after creating a persona for my Dal “Stoick” on Instagram, I got the sudden urge to re-establish my Spottydogs page. And here it is! I have no intention for this page to become a breed information page – there are plenty of those already on the Internet. It’s simply a place where I can comment and muse on the state of all things pet (or life!) related or simply share goofy pics and stories of my furkids 😀

I have not been a stranger to the Internet all these years in between Spottydogs sites, having established one of Australia’s early pure-play vet and pet supply stores on the internet in 2005. vet-n-pet DIRECT is still going strong and has it’s warehouse based in Jimboomba, South East Queensland, Australia.